P.E. and a Mother’s Fear

Dear Gym Teacher:
At the risk of sounding like a hysterical, maladjusted mother of a pre-teen, I have a couple of questions about P.E. that I’m hoping you can help with.  Middle school P.E. was a realm of hell for me.  So was high school.  We are not an athletic family.  The idea of my daughter having to run through Valley Park makes me want to run for the bathroom.  She won’t be able to run non-stop!  She’ll have to run/walk it.  I’m so horrified for her/me…I’m sure I’m not the first couch potato mother to drop penitence at your door.  I have shared none of this neurosis with her.  I just need to know what you do with girls like T that haven’t shown any type of athleticism, are out of shape and probably can’t keep up with the class.  What can I say to her to reassure her about the running, especially?  Please help!  Kristi Deutsch

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